20 February 2014, by Eugène Schön

NuvlaBox: The Smallest and Smartest Cloud


Meet NuvlaBox by SixSq

NuvlaBox delivers the power of the cloud as a remote controlled appliance packaged in a fanless PC.

SixSq is a cloud computing solution provider specialised in agile delivery and process automation. NuvlaBox, by SixSq, brings the power of the cloud in a fanless PC with zero configuration. The appliance can be remotely controlled, interfaced with an app store, or used in stand-alone mode. Customers can use it as a spring board to large public or private cloud deployment, as a local sensor aggregator via wifi or bluetooth interfaces or a secure application container.

More than Chocolate

SixSq will be  at next Mobile World Congress!

Are you going to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2014 (24-27.02)? Are you interested by SixSq innovative solution? Don’t hesitate to visit the startup and the other swiss innovators on the Swiss Pavilion (Stand 8.1 G58).

In the meantime discover why we in Switzerland don’t only produce great chocolate. We also have great startups like SixSq: http://www.morethanchocolate.ch/



SixSq Sàrl
Rue du Bois-du-Lan 8
1217 Geneva – Switzerland
Tel. +41 77 44 68 119
Email: info@sixsq.com
Website: http://www.sixsq.com




  1. On the 4 March 2014, Eugène Schön said:

    Many thanks Marc-Elian! It was a real pleasure to support SixSq and the launch of the NuvlaBox at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona!

    Best regards

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