20 February 2014, by Eugène Schön

Kireego: The All-in-One Solution for Independent Merchants


Meet Kireego’s one-of-a-kind collaborative platform 

Kireego introduces its one-of-a-kind platform, which helps merchants and service providers initiate 1to1 connections together, or with corporations in their local market. The platform gives merchants access to a selection of collaborative tools (SaaS mode) to help increase loyalty and revenues from customers and prospects, without sharing customer databases. A mutualized mobile application is available for their customers, who can anonymously access their benefits and can also be used by medium- and large-sized corporations to easily setup and manage handpicked, exclusive local benefits for their employees.

Kireego has been chosen recently by a group of experts to be part of the top 50 swiss startups to invest in.

More than Chocolate

Kireego will be  at next Mobile World Congress!

Are you going to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2014 (24-27.02)? Are you interested by Kireego’s innovative platform?  Don’t hesitate to visit the startup and the other swiss innovators on the Swiss Pavilion (Stand 8.1 G58).

In the meantime discover why we in Switzerland don’t only produce great chocolate. We also have great startups like Kireego: http://www.morethanchocolate.ch/


Kireego Solutions SA
Chemin des Boveresses 148
1066 Epalinges – Switzerland
Tel.: +41 21 544 40 43
Email: contact@kireego.com
Website: www.kireego.com