20 February 2014, by Eugène Schön

ActLight: The Future of Light Based Electronics


ActLight presents their “Dynamic Photo Diode” light sensor:

The company based at EPFL’s Innovation Park introduces a new light sensor called “Dynamic Photo Diode” that will be used in mobile devices for proximity sensing, gesture control and visible light data transfer.

ActLight’s solution enables low power (10 times) and sensitive light sensing solutions. The company is  now working with key industry partners to include it in the next generation of smartphones.

More than Chocolate

ActLight will be at next Mobile World Congress!

Are you going to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2014 (24-27.02)? Are you interested by the applications of ActLight’s new light sensor for mobile devices?  Don’t hesitate to visit the startup and the other Swiss innovators on the Swiss Pavilion (Stand 8.1 G58).

In the meantime discover why we in Switzerland don’t only produce great chocolate. We also have great startups like ActLight:  http://www.morethanchocolate.ch/


ActLight SA
EPFL Innovation Park, Building I
1015 Lausanne – Switzerland
Tel.: +41 79 673 02 62
Email: info@act-light.com
Website: http://www.act-light.com