25 January 2013, by Eugène Schön

Faceshift: Driving your virtual avatar with your emotions


How cool would it be to slip into the role of your favorite 3D character and control its facial expressions with your own? Just imagine how such a technology could impact the next generation of movies and games.

Founded as a spin-off of Lausanne’s EPFL, now based in Zurich, swiss startup faceshift has developed the first facial tracking technology that allows users to animate virtual avatars with unprecedented quality and in real-time by moving their own face in front of a camera.

faceshift studio for the animation professionals

faceshift currently offers to the animation professionnals active in the gaming and movie industry around the world “faceshift studio”, the professional markerless facial motion capture software, which is so fast, easy to use (3 steps), and accurate that you can integrate it into the professional animation workflow at every step, from prototyping to production.

The technology will be offered as an SDK for developers to include the facial tracking technology into applications for games, human computer interaction, and online communication.

faceshift will be on stage at Alp ICT’s Venture Night!

It’s with great excitement and interest that faceshift’s pitch is expected at Alp ICT Venture Night 2013. Two months ago, faceshift’s announcement video on EPFL’s youtube news channel totalled more than 600’000 views making their solution very popular on the web and drawing lots of attention and positive comments.

So if you are interested by next generation motion capture and how it will be used for the entertainment of the future be sure to come to Geneva and support faceshift’s pitch on Thursday 7th of February at Western Switzerland’s event where the most innovative startups and entrepreneurs meet every year.

Post by Eugène Schön, Community Manager & Blogger pour Alp ICT


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