7 December 2012, by Eugène Schön

Keylemon’s Facial Recognition Solution Pre-installed on Fujitsu’s PCs

KeyLemon for Fujitsu

The startup KeyLemon from Valais has announced that a partnership has been signed with Fujitsu. Its technology will be pre-installed on Fujitsu’s PC ESPRIMO X computers.

The new Fujitsu ESPRIMO X desktop range will be equipped  with the facial recognition solution developed by Keylemon. This is the result of partnership signed between startup from Valais and the computer manufacturer. Contacted by ICT Journal editorial staff, Gilles Florey, KeyLemon’s founder and CEO has confirmed that the facial recognition solution basic functions to launch work sessions will be offered at no cost on the new range of Windows 8 powered computers. Users who wish to have extended features will have the possibility to buy them on the startup website. These features will further improve the user experience. Features such as the recognition of multiple users, the ability to keep in memory different face models (one for the morning, one for the evening … for a better recognition), the possibilily to parameter different levels of security or to track different logged users will be offered. For Dieter Heiss, Vice-president of Workplace Systems Division at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, offering such a technology is a solution to the growing number of passwords used in organizations. “We know that companies  face access problems. Employees must remember multiple passwords with more and more stringent corporate security policies.”

A shared revenue model

The contract between the startup and Fujitsu implies a shared revenue model between the two companies. With every purchase, KeyLemon will pay a part back to Fujitsu. “Given the fact that our solution ads value to the PC from Fujitsu, we have added “flat fees” to our contract, states Gilles Florey. Every purchase is deducted from the contract package. We are in this way assured to get revenue even if no additional features are bought.”

Contacted for their Know-How

It is Fujitsu who contacted KeyLemon, as Gilles Florey explains “They were looking for facial recognition applications and as we were well placed on Internet and they found us quite easily.” Contacted last March, the contract was signed in July. Since then, the teams have been working on the development. Gilles Florey has also mentioned that other collaborations with Fujitsu are in the process of finalization.

ICTJournal, December 5th 2012