15 November 2012, by Eugène Schön

Apply now to be on stage on Dec 5th @ LeWeb’12 in Paris

LeWeb11 Public

Now is your exclusive opportunity to present on the plenary stage at LeWeb: apply to participate in Ignite LeWeb!

On Dec 5th the world famous conference will offer 10 LeWeb attendees the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes and share their passion in plenary.

The talks can be about anything…except pitch for your business. In 20 rapid-fire slides, you’ll share your vision, your energy, your hobby, your philosophy–whatever will spark conversation and action amongst LeWeb’s attendees from around the globe.

You can be on stage, Ignite Le  Web 2012!

Do you want to share your passions and change the world? LeWeb’12 looks forward to discovering your stories, so don’t wait to apply!

Applications are due midnight PDT on November 16th.
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