22 November 2011, by Eugène Schön

5 western Switzerland startups competing at LeWeb’11


To showcase western Switzerland’s dynamism & innovation, Alp ICT is supporting five promising startups, one being selected in the 16 finalists, at LeWeb’11 in Paris (7-9 December 2011) with an original campaign “we don’t only produce great chocolate, we also have great startups”!

Mention Switzerland abroad in a conversation and one of the first things that comes to mind is chocolate. Alp ICT wishes to draw attention to one of western Switzerland fastest growing source of competitive differentiation : ICT innovation.

These startups will change the internet. Remember their names.

Unknown today, the 5 startups proudly supported by Alp ICT will most probably change the way you use internet and mobile technologies.  Presenting the next generation of SMS (ZMS by inZair), freeing users to watch any video on any browser with HTML5 (SublimeVideo by Jilion), offering intelligent curation (Faveeo by Inovae), corporate simple & easy mobile application store (AppNest by MobileNuggets) or offering tools to enrich passengers traveling experience (Oanoo), each will enchant your use of next SOcial LOcal MObile applications.

No better place but LeWeb

Expecting some 3’000 participants, this year again, LeWeb will be an exceptional venue. With 600 startup applying to the startup competition, our 5 startups will play in «the big playground». To share our passion, enthousiasm and provide enchantment to LeWeb participant we have conceived a campaign which surely will raise their interest. During the conference, our charming Heidi will be giving away swiss chocolate inviting the public to take part in a special Facebook quiz, start sending ZMS, discover our 5 startups and meet with the red T-shirt swiss squad.

Western Switzerland, the homeland of innovation

Hosting some of the major pure player European quarters (Yahoo!, Cisco Systems, Logitech), the inventors of the scala language (used for the development of linkedin, facebook, twitter), Switzerland is the home today to some of the most innovative startups, such as last year’s LeWeb’10 Startup Competition winner Paper.li and many award-winning ventures like Poken (Top100 RedHerring), Zong (acquired by eBay for $240 million), or salsaDev (Top100 RedHerring and SemTech 2010) in the ICT sector.

World class position

Scoring top positions on this year’s Global Innovation Index study published by Insead and the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012, Switzerland is pionneering in the ICT sector with leading positions in computer infrastructure and computer software spending relative to GDP, as well as broadband internet subscriptions per 100 inhabitants. And the outlook over the growth of the industry is promising with 20 billion dollars spending projections in hardware, software and IT services by 2014.